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Choosing the right dab pen for waxy concentrates

Dabbing is no longer limited to glass or pipes. In fact, vaping of wax is much more effective and will save you money due to the more efficient usage of your concentrate. Whether you’re looking for something powerful that has variable voltage control or something discreet that you can dispose of after you use it, there are options for you. Visit our wax concentrate vaporizer section or continue reading for even more options.

Today we want to introduce some great dab pens and 510 wax atomizers that can serve various purposes. From Rip & Ditch dab pen, a top-selling disposable wax vape product (we will review it further in this article) to the newest Extreme Wax Vaporizer, both are top sellers from HoneyStick dab pen category products.

The Rip & Ditch Disposable Wax Pen

If you’re going on a trip or somewhere that you’re not comfortable bringing a high end vape pen to, then the Rip n Ditch disposable dab pen is a great choice to consider.
rip'n'ditch disposable dab pen
This item is intended to be used when traveling most of the time, once the battery runs out, you simply throw it away.

Some of the largest dispensaries in the US are buying this dab pen in wholesale for touristy markets and shops. Its leakproof comes with a dab tool that magnetically attaches to it for convenience.

Brand new (factory charged) should let you more than 200 huge rips out of your concentrate. The Rip & Ditch is one of the top sellers and is considered the best disposable vape pen for dab concentrates.

The Plasma Ultimate Wax Vape Pen

Another contender for the best wax vaporizer is HoneyStick Plasma GQ vape pen.

unique product is very powerful and uses a unique pen that has a 1200 mah battery and has one of the fastest heat-up times. The unit has a quartz bowl that rests on top of the heating element, this means that the concentrate never actually touches the heating element which is known to give less flavor-rich hits. The Plasma GQ pen comes with a replaceable coil, quartz bowl, extra glass shaft, cleaning tips, micro USB charging cable and high-end dab tool.

Aficionado DAB / WAX Vape Pen Kit

The Aficionado is the best vape pen for wax on the budget and definitely a product you’ll want to consider buying. It comes with a great carrying case and id tag clip. Inside of the case, you will find a premium dab tool, a silicone concentrate container, a micro USB charger, and the Aficionado unit.

Aficionado Vape Pen for Wax Concentrate

The unit is made of stainless steel which is very durable and great to travel with. The kit comes with both: wide boar and hookah tip mouthpiece – to fit any preferences. It also comes with 2 heater options. One is a quartz heater with a ceramic bowl and a full ceramic plate, for smoother, more controlled hits. The Aficionado has 2 convenient charging ports, one for an iPhone that will rapid-charge wax pen battery in 15 minutes and the second Micro USB charging port for standard charging.

The Silencer Wax Atomizer for any 510 Thread Battery

The HoneyStick Silencer. Wax & Dab Adapter for any 510 vape battery out there. Designed to be the best wax adapter for small applications (510 thread stick batteries), this little assassin of a wax tank moves in silence and has the same effect on the competition.



Many people want small and stealth wax units that look like a standard vape pen setup or a wax application with a concealer to be discrete, but they cannot do so because the performance, flavor, Intensity, fill capacity, and functionality are just not there. The Silencer is the answer to that problem because it is a small concealable wax tank that works with any 510 Thread Battery. It is engineered with the quality and performance of a bigger Dab tank. The high-quality cylindrical brass & Chromium lathed body and chamber coated to insulate from overheating and flow designed not to splatter or Inhale hot bubbles. The bowl, made of pure ceramic it is designed to allow the largest fill for a wax adapter under 12MM in diameter, also it will keep your wax safely nestled, tasting good, and keep the heat generated evenly disbursed throughout the bowl. Now to the heart of the unit, for rapid heat up and monster hits while keeping the taste 100 this technology is truly innovative.