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New Vaporizer Products for 2019 Lineup

Wax Atomizer
The new line up of amazing vape products brought to you by the HoneyStick team. The team has been hard at work all of 2018 to make sure that we bring the New Year with a big cloud of the hottest vaporizers. Spicing up the already exotic HoneyStick vaporizers line launches a sick triple quartz coil wax atomizer called the Extreme Wax Atomizer Tank. The Ultimate tank for Wax and Dab is the new high wattage big power and matching flavor tank the HoneySick Extreme. This set has everything you need for high watt wax / concentrates vaping. The requests have been answered and a deep dish Tri Quartz coil is what powers the best that you can run 30-38 Watts without any issues, just monster rips, and clouds.

Next, slimming it down for the silencer dab tank that you can pair with the new BeeMaster 510 thread vape pen battery. The Silencer is designed to be the best wax adapter for small applications (510 thread stick batteries), this little assassin of a wax tank moves in silence and has the same effect on the competition. Many people want small and stealth wax units that look like a standard vape pen setup or a wax application with a concealer to be discrete, but they cannot do so because the performance, flavor, Intensity, fill capacity, and functionality are just not there.

Getting a little more luxury, the Signature Phantom Concealer is a posh way to vape and a performance one at that! Containing all of the great functional and Power traits of the Phantom Concealer 2 in 1, you are getting world-class performance vaping for your 510 thread prefilled oil carts and have a wonderful powerful Stealth dab rips in the wax adapter with 4 power settings and preheat on tap. (See Honeystick Phantom How To & Troubleshooting checklist) Don't worry about always taking your charging cable with this vape because the 1000mah high capacity battery holds a charge on average 3 times longer than most concealers

Then We have the AeroBee which is a vape that has a full digital display as well as wattage and temp control....and best is they are still magnetic concealers for your 510 thread tanks. The AeroBee is the latest revolutionary concealer from the Honeystick. True to its name it is crafted out of airplane aluminum housing the high capacity 800 MAH battery for long life and big power. How many concealers have you seen that are digitally adjustable and have digital battery readout on an LCD screen? Not many, then to take it an extra level and say how many units have digital temperature control so you can dial in the temperature to the Fahrenheit or Celsius that you desire

Just an update to our most popular pen we dropped the beekeeper 2.0 and 2.0 Limited edition multicolor offering the widest mouthpiece (barrel) and high 650mah capacity to ensure that it fits all prefilled 510 carts no matter how wide they are it is built to last. See detailed Honeystick Beekeeper How-To instructions, with pictures and video of this product.

We demo all of these amazing vapes and use the new fresh performance 510 thread tank to show them off and how they can rip large vape hits of your favorite oil. We close the show with the Oil recovery kit which is the way you would recover oil from vape carts that fail or pull from one cart and into another. Each one of these units we show them go to work so we can show you how the best new vapes for 2019 really function.