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The Best Vape Mods from HoneyStick

The Beekeeper Vape Mod for Oils is the all-time best-selling concealer from HoneyStick. There are many benefits of the BeeKeeper Vape Cartridge Concealer unit for pre-filled oil cartridges.

BeeKeeper vape mod vs classic vape pen

Box Mod Vapes

The BeeKeeper Vape MOD is an upgrade to a classic vape pen. He then talks about the modern look of the BeeKeeper; it is also half the size of the classic vape pen, hence, easy to carry. Furthermore, the BeeKeeper is a concealer, so it is functioned to protect the cartridge. Since many of the cartridges in the market are made of glass, they are prone to breakage. Next in the video, Dan talks about the technical specs of the BeeKeeper. It has about 25% more power than the classic .

Investing in the BeeKeeper will give you a much larger hit and a better cloud formation. Another great thing about the BeeKeeper is that it comes with a push-button operation, which as compared to the auto draw it doesn't use the power of your head to turn on and heat the battery. Hence, a push-button operation is more efficient with a smoother ow on your inhale.

Stick Vape Pen

The Stick Vape pen combining 510 thread battery and cartridge. It is generally what people refer to as the power plant or the heart of the unit known as the vaporizer. It is the source that provides the electricity for vaporization to occur within the cartridge. These 510 thread batteries are made so you can attach a vape cartridge so they usually have a female 510 thread screw-in port to receive your cartridges or various atomizers.

Mini Vape Mod Benefits

One of benet of the BeeKeeper 2.0 is the 50% increased battery capacity compared to the previous version. So, it would not need to be charged more than the conventional vape pen.

The Complete BeeKeeper Starter Kit comes in a box, including MOD battery, Oil Vape Cartridge, and magnetic connector. With the help of the magnet adapter, you can install your pre-filled cartridges by screwing the 510 thread magnet adaptor onto the end of the cartridge. It's important to screw the magnet adaptor securely for good electrical contact.